"I was excited about the opportunity to introduce Freeman because I knew I wouldn't have to follow him. I didn't know I was going to have to follow Mario. What an amazing young man."

Wes Bush (Chairman/CEO, Northrop Grumman Corporation)

"Mario is very, very powerful. I may lose all of my sight one day, but seeing him helps me not be as nervous. I realize that a good life is still ppossible when I see him enjoying his independence."

Chatora Johnson (Production, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind)

"Our students learned golden lessons from Mario and I did to. He makes you feel that success is possible, no matter the curve ball."

Mark Fossette (Principal, PGC Public Schools)

"I suffered with depression to no end, but hearing Mario speak told me that it's never too late to change things up. He has changed my life. I hope to hear him again real soon."

Jack Brown

"Mario's speech was jammed with takeaways. I am so glad my daughter got to hear him speak. More people should hear his story of triumph because it will change their lives."

Emily Stanton

"Mario's incredible to work with. He was so much more than good TV. Being blind never became an issue, and he learned everything faster than his sighted peers. He deserved to be with us and in front of America."

Zack Woodlee (Choreographer, Glee TV Series)

"Mario's a dynamic force and to hear and see him, yu ask -- what disability? He seems to do everything but drive and that inspires me."

Bryan Fleet

"Mario taught me to push the boundaries, and never to be afraid to do that. After hearing him speak, I said to myself "No more excuses Tom." It was an honor to hear him."

Thomas Hanks

"Mario was amazing. He definitely did not disappoint. We've received a huge amount of feedback from audience members about him, all positive."

Karla Giebner (Gulfstream Aerospace)

"Mario’s story and words moved me to tears. Then his beautiful voice filled me with joy. Seeing Mario perform is truly an amazing experience."

Karen Blass

"We are forever greatful for Mario and how he has touched our disabled students. He has inspired them and his assistance in technology has helped us better shape plans for independence for our students."

Nancy Patton (Vision Director, Prince George's County Public Schools)

"From the moment I met him, I was touched by Mario. I don't know whether it was the personality or the infectious smile but, I knew great things would happen for Mario, and I couldn't wait to watch them happen. Despite his deck of cards, Mario is larger than life and quite frankly, he's just a real nice person. I love people; -- just love meeting people and I'm glad I met Mario."

Donnie Simpson (Veteran CBS Radio Broadcaster)

"He is an amazing human being. He has a beautiful voice. When he got on 'The Glee Project,’ I said, ‘I can’t believe this person can’t see.’ Being blind never became an issue."

Robert J. Ulrich (Casting Director for Glee TV series on Fox)

"Mario has a very descriptive name, 'Mario Bonds,' he does bond. He bonds with everyone he meets. Hearing him speak one time wasn't enough, so he's here tonight to give us more."

Bonnie Fogel (Founder/Director, The Imagination Stage)

"I have never seen someone bring a room full of thousands of people to tears and to their feet in person before the way I saw Mario do it. I was astounded by Mario's infectious talents, smile and his inspiring story. I had to request him for our organization's event after seeing that."

Joyce Ward (Reston, VA Chapter of The Links Inc)