Things You Like

Posted by Mario Bonds on February 27, 2018

Tips by Mario Arnauz Bonds

When I was overcoming some of the biggest difficulties in my young life, it was immensely hard to find enjoyment of any kind. It wasn't until I realized that I should be my number one priority and I should be the most important thing to myself did I rediscover the importance of "things I like."

1. When I was getting over a bad relationship, I avoided places I went to with the girl, and instead, went to places I found entertaining and medicating. IE. Sitting lakeside and listening to the water, swimming or my favorite restaurant, The Silver Diner.

2. When I lost the ability to draw due to going blind, I deluged myself in music and reading.

The point? Hardships can really make us lose track of simplistic joys in our lives. Sometimes, in the midst of sorrow, I had to actually scold myself to "get moving," or to "do something" Mario-esque. I've been in a place before where my happiness and joy had been predicated on the affirmation, presence and praise of someone else. Yet, when that person exited my life, I was left with nothing. Hence, the essential rule to establish and hold on to "things you like." This is different for each person, but you have to learn to be selfish to yourself when life hhands you sorrow cards. It worked for me, slowly, but surely.


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