Sidney The Wonder Dog's Lucky Seven

Posted by Mario Bonds on May 19, 2013

Motivation & Inspiration

Today, my royal guide dog Sidney, an English black lab, turned seven-years-old. He and I have been a dynamic duo since 2008, when I was matched with him by Guiding Eyes for The Blind. Since then, Sidney has been the driving force behind a greater sense of independent travel for me.


The best quality of Sidney lies in how he is still a puppy. Seven-years-old? yes, but only just. he is a massive, seven-year-old puppy who never tires of playing. Sidney never speaks, but I feel like I have my most meaningful conversations with hin.


He has spent his lucky number seven enjoying toys, biting a safe bone that smells horrid, and getting his belly rub. Here's to more years with my super pup, Sidney Bonds.



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