New Release: Steel

Posted by Mario Bonds on March 20, 2018

"So many said I would never learn to fly on my own, and I believed them

So many said I would never learn to run, because I'm not fast enough. I believed them, but they were all wrong, so wrong!

So I vowed to show the world what I am truly made of."


The words above are lyrics from my biographical song Steel. Many ask where did this song come from? My answer for that is it came from my life.

I believe that one of the hardest things to do is to get someone with low self-esteem to believe in themselves, despite circumstances they've experienced. I was that person. Oh, but what a joy it is when a day comes when someone moves from low self-esteem, to a greater sense of self-worth, hope and determination. I can tell you for sure that when I went blind at age 10, and beyond, I had people saying disheartening things about me:

  1. He will never be independent or get a job. He's too mal-functioning.
  2. Blind people won't ever be able to do things like that. You will be better off at a school specifically for the blind.
  3. Hollywood doesn't want disabled people.

I even had an American Idol producer tell me: "We really don't say yes to blind people because they can be logistically difficult to handle during production, but I will put you through because you are so talented." Well, although he put me through, I carried his words through each experience, believing that belief and spirit to be the reason why my talent was praised, but not welcomed on Idol.

Why the song Steel? I want every person who has been counted out, disregarded, who may be facing tough life circumstances, or trying to block out the people who wish them to fail, to realize that they too are made of steel with the power to withstand those tough circumstances and every naysayer who wrongly write your future. I dare you to run until you take flight and believe in yourself. As you soar, dare to not let them bring you down again, and always, believe in yourself. We have been made of steel, and we won't fail.

Here is my first performance of Steel for the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation

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