New Release: Steel

Posted by Mario Bonds on March 20, 2018

"So many said I would never learn to fly on my own, and I believed them

So many said I would never learn to run, because I'm not fast enough. I believed them, but they were all wrong, so wrong!

So I vowed to show the world what I am truly made of."


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Things You Like

Posted by Mario Bonds on February 27, 2018

Tips by Mario Arnauz Bonds

When I was overcoming some of the biggest difficulties in my young life, it was immensely hard to find enjoyment of any kind. It wasn't until I realized that I should be my number one priority and I should be the most important thing to myself did I rediscover the importance of "things I… Read more

AWESOME! I’m Included

Posted by Mario Bonds on February 13, 2018

Entertainment & Arts

A few nights a week, I wear headphones and get lost in the world of Hollywood sound and action. I jet down the street in fast-pace action films, ride on the shoulders of warriors in films of heroism, and bask in the light of sentimental piety in dramatizations, and although I can’t see, I kno… Read more

Sidney The Wonder Dog's Lucky Seven

Posted by Mario Bonds on May 19, 2013

Motivation & Inspiration

Today, my royal guide dog Sidney, an English black lab, turned seven-years-old. He and I have been a dynamic duo since 2008, when I was matched with him by Guiding Eyes for The Blind. Since then, Sidney has been the driving force behind a greater sense of independent travel for me.

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